• Two Easy Twist Hairstyles To Try On Your Little Girl With Long Hair

    If your little girl has long hair, and you're always trying to figure out easy ways to get her hair out of her face and out of her way, try out one of the twist hairstyles listed below. Each of these twist hairstyles will not take more than a few minutes to pull off, which is about as long as you can expect your child to sit still anyways. Simple Twists [Read More]

  • 4 Tips For Looking Your Best In A Punjabi Suit

    The Indian traditional dress, a punjabi suit, is one that many women desire to have in their closet. There are many different designs, fabrics, and styles of punjabi suits that women can choose from, which can make shopping for the perfect one a bit more challenging. Here are four tips that can help you find the most stylish punjabi suit for you: Be Careful of the Length: If you are on the shorter side, you don't want your punjabi suit to be longer than your ankles. [Read More]

  • 3 Ways To Keep Your Feet In Good Shape During The Dry Winter Months

    Taking care of your feet during the winter is essential if you want to be able to show them off as soon as spring arrives. If you tend to have dry feet, then here are 3 spa remedies to help your feet stay moisturized and beautiful: Foot Scrub First, you can use or make your own foot scrub to remove dead skin along with the use of a pumice stone. Foot scrub should not contain alcohol as this will dry your skin out more. [Read More]

  • Ways To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Salon

    If you're just branching out on your own into the beauty world and you want to build your hair salon business and clientele, you'll need to bring in the foot traffic. Getting customers to come in is one thing but getting them to return is another. Ensuring their experience when they visit your salon is an eventful one means making them feel comfortable, recognized and pampered. Here are a few ways that you can attract new clients and keep existing ones booking future appointments. [Read More]