Two Easy Twist Hairstyles To Try On Your Little Girl With Long Hair

Posted on: 8 June 2015

If your little girl has long hair, and you're always trying to figure out easy ways to get her hair out of her face and out of her way, try out one of the twist hairstyles listed below. Each of these twist hairstyles will not take more than a few minutes to pull off, which is about as long as you can expect your child to sit still anyways.

Simple Twists

If you just want to get your daughter's hair out of her eyes, while leaving the rest of it down and free, try doing a few simple twists.

  • Part your daughter's hair in the middle.
  • Take a one-inch section on one side, hold it, and twist it in towards the part. Once you have twisted the hair back about three or four inches, secure it in place with either a bobby pin or hair clip.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of your daughter's head. Take one inch of hair, and twist it inward towards the part. Pin it in place when it is as long as the first twist.
  • You may have to repeat this process and make addition twists in order to get all of your daughter's hair out of her face. Depending on how thick her hair is, you should end up with a total of four to six twists.

This hairstyle can easily be accomplished in under three minutes, and is easier to do with more practice.

French Braid Twists

If you have a few extra minutes to spend on your daughters hair, and she will sit still for about five minutes, instead of the simple twists listed above, you can do some French braid twists instead.

The process is incredibly similar to the simple twist, with a few modifications.

  • Once again, part your daughter's hair in the middle.
  • Take the two or three inches of hair closest to the part, and split it in half. Loosely pin the half closest to the part. Take the other section of hair, and start making a diagonal twist towards the part. As you twist the hair, slowly incorporate additional hair into the twist. Once the diagonal reaches the part, pin it in place.
  • Remove the loose pin, and take the section of hair that is closest to the part and twist it straight back. Once again, add in hair as you twist it back for the "French braid" effect. Pin it in place once it reaches the area where the diagonal twist is. and use a small pony tail holder to bind the two sections of twisted hair together.
  • Repeat the process again on the other side of your daughter's head.

This will create a slightly more sophisticated twist look when you have a few extra minutes to spare to do your daughter's hair. Both of these methods will keep your daughter's hair out of eye's, while allowing the rest of it to stay down. For more ideas, talk to a local hairstylist (like those at Matthew Thomas Salon).