3 Ways To Keep Your Feet In Good Shape During The Dry Winter Months

Posted on: 9 January 2015

Taking care of your feet during the winter is essential if you want to be able to show them off as soon as spring arrives. If you tend to have dry feet, then here are 3 spa remedies to help your feet stay moisturized and beautiful:

Foot Scrub

First, you can use or make your own foot scrub to remove dead skin along with the use of a pumice stone. Foot scrub should not contain alcohol as this will dry your skin out more. Instead, try using a mixture of Epsom salt and olive oil or coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients together until they make a moist, slightly wet mixture that is easy to smear around on your feet.

Both of the oils mentioned above are good for your skin, and Epsom salt is soothing while it exfoliates. While traditional salt will dry out your feet, this type of salt is different and can actually make your body feel hydrated.

Use the foot scrub on your feet every day, and follow up by scrubbing with a pumice stone. Make sure that you use a true pumice stone and not a fake one because the real thing is much stronger and will really scrub the dead skin away.


Second, coating your feet in Vaseline followed by a pair of socks is a great way to moisturize your feet each day. Using regular lotion is not enough if your feet tend to crack and dry because lotion works more on surface problems.

Just simply coat your feet in Vaseline at night, and keep socks on your feet until morning so that the petroleum jelly does not end up on your bed sheets.

Foot Soak

Lastly, you need to try doing a foot soak every day or at least a few days a week. Buy a foot spa that you can fill with water and that will massage your feet. By getting a gentle massage on your feet each day, the toxins in your body will be drawn down and out, which will help your body and feet to feet healthier.

You can also include some olive oil or a moisturizer designed to be used in water so that your feet will be extra hydrated. If you do this often, you should notice a considerable difference in the quality of your feet.

These 3 remedies are easy, inexpensive, and will give you spa-like feet in just a few weeks. The key is to be consistent as you treat your feet during the winter so that they are healthy and beautiful. To learn more, contact a company like Cada Pools & Spas, Inc. with any questions you have.