Ways To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Salon

Posted on: 7 January 2015

If you're just branching out on your own into the beauty world and you want to build your hair salon business and clientele, you'll need to bring in the foot traffic. Getting customers to come in is one thing but getting them to return is another. Ensuring their experience when they visit your salon is an eventful one means making them feel comfortable, recognized and pampered. Here are a few ways that you can attract new clients and keep existing ones booking future appointments.


The biggest way to attract customers into your salon chair is to market your business. There are many ways to do this including:

  • Setting up and maintaining active social media accounts and buzzworthy alerts
  • Creating newsletters and mass emails notifications
  • Generating personalized business cards
  • Promoting your own website
  • Advertising through your local newspaper or news channel
  • Making your own commercial for local television stations

Combining all of these marketing techniques helps keep your salon's name fresh and alive with the public.


Keeping the decor fresh and updated can really help make clients feel comfortable when they walk through the door. Consider incorporating a spa-like atmosphere. Water elements, plants and natural decor can help give your salon an earthy feel. No one wants to walk into an old, musty outdated salon. Hair salons and boutiques can easily attract odors throughout the day. Installing neutralizing air fresheners throughout the building can help keep your salon smelling fresh.

Quality Salon Equipment

Make sure you have the latest in quality hair salon equipment at your business. This includes everything from chairs to tools that can assist with getting the job done easier. Eco-friendly sinks and comfortable chairs will help provide an effective and relaxing area for clients. Make sure you carry only the finest salon products. Obtain salon equipment from a place like Wholesale Salon Equipment for optimal savings. Have a variety of brands to offer clients that have very discriminating tastes.

Ongoing Education

Branding your name and reputation means having the experience to back it up. No matter how many months or years you've been cutting and styling hair, gaining ongoing knowledge and skills through current trends is important. Attending training seminars and hair trade shows allows you to pass on your expertise to your clients. Show it off! Have pictures available of the work you have done and certificates of attendance showing the educational seminars you've attended.

Schedule An Open House

Make sure people know where you are and what you do. Open your doors frequently so your clients and potential new customers can see your space. Offer door prizes to draw guests in. This will allow them to meet you and see all of the services you offer at your salon.

Being an exceptional hairstylist doesn't mean anything if you can't showcase your skills with others. Marketing and adding a personal touch to your business is essential for optimal growth.