4 Tips For Looking Your Best In A Punjabi Suit

Posted on: 14 April 2015

The Indian traditional dress, a punjabi suit, is one that many women desire to have in their closet. There are many different designs, fabrics, and styles of punjabi suits that women can choose from, which can make shopping for the perfect one a bit more challenging. Here are four tips that can help you find the most stylish punjabi suit for you:

  1. Be Careful of the Length: If you are on the shorter side, you don't want your punjabi suit to be longer than your ankles. This is going to make you appear shorter than you actually are. If you are on the taller side, just be mindful to keep the length a few inches longer than your knees, which is the most attractive way to wear it. 
  2. Choose the Right Fabric: Punjabi suits are made from many different types of fabrics. Fabrics can even include netting, tissue, and organza. However, these three fabric types should be avoided if you are on the heavier side since these don't have any type of slimming effect. The better fabric type for heavier set women is something like silk or chiffon since these are much more flattering. Women who are on the slimmer side should avoid crepe and chiffon fabrics since these tend to stick to the body and won't flow well. 
  3. When to Choose Sleeves or Sleeveless: Choosing between sleeves or going sleeveless all depends on your own personal taste. However, it is best to avoid sleeveless panjabi suits if you have larger arms and instead opt for sleeves, which will be more flattering on the body. Also, if you have broad shoulders, you will want slim sleeves on the shoulders, not puffy ones that can make you appear larger than you really are.
  4. Choose the Right Color: Of course, color is a personal choice, as well. However, you may want to choose a darker color just because darker colors tend to be the most flattering on every woman no matter what shape or size, unless you have a very fair complexion. If you have a fair complexion, the dark colors will wash you out, so instead you should choose a light color, such as peach, pink, or even a very light green color. 

By following these four tips, you are sure to find a punjabi suit from Gravity Fashion that is best suited for your body. In the end, you will have chosen a punjabi suit that is flattering for your body and complexion type.