• Common Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

    A picture perfect wedding could never be complete without a gorgeous bouquet and a scene decorated with eye-catching floral displays. However, making arrangements for floral decor can be frustrating and expensive. If you're looking for the right solution for wedding flowers and bouquets, avoid the following mistakes to set an affordable but beautiful scene for your special day: Being too rigid- While it's understandable that everyone has an idealized image in their mind for that special day, being flexible is important. [Read More]

  • Ways To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Salon

    If you're just branching out on your own into the beauty world and you want to build your hair salon business and clientele, you'll need to bring in the foot traffic. Getting customers to come in is one thing but getting them to return is another. Ensuring their experience when they visit your salon is an eventful one means making them feel comfortable, recognized and pampered. Here are a few ways that you can attract new clients and keep existing ones booking future appointments. [Read More]