Common Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 8 January 2015

A picture perfect wedding could never be complete without a gorgeous bouquet and a scene decorated with eye-catching floral displays. However, making arrangements for floral decor can be frustrating and expensive.

If you're looking for the right solution for wedding flowers and bouquets, avoid the following mistakes to set an affordable but beautiful scene for your special day:

  • Being too rigid- While it's understandable that everyone has an idealized image in their mind for that special day, being flexible is important. Be realistic when it comes to planning for your bouquet and flowers. It's important to trust in the expertise of experienced florists and wedding planners.
  • Procrastinating about flower considerations- If you wait too long to begin planning for and ordering flowers, you may not get what you want. Flowers used in bouquets often come in from far-flung corners of the world, and you'll need to plan well in advance if you have specific expectations. 
  • Not reusing floral arrangements- If possible, you should be reusing floral arrangements for a reception or for decorating your honeymoon suite later on. If you're investing money into floral arrangements, you should get as much use out of them as possible. 
  • Being overly focused on one color- If you'll be having bridesmaids in your ceremony, you may assume that it's best to match the color of floral decor with the bridesmaids' dresses. However, you don't want things to look too monochromatic, so try to include accent colors for more vivid scenery. 
  • Overlooking the cost of flowers- Gorgeous floral arrangements aren't likely to be cheap. Don't underestimate the price of flowers. If you want to have floral arrangements that look great and don't break your budget, you'll need to plan ahead. 
  • Trying for too much DIY- Some brides attempt to offset the costs of flowers with DIY efforts. However, the wedding day is already likely to be hectic and overwhelming. Things could get particularly out of control if you're trying to throw together sightly floral displays amid all the other wedding day excitement.
  • Choosing a bouquet that's too big- An excessively large bouquet is going to look ridiculous in the photos. Although a certain bouquet might look rapturous when viewed alone, you need to consider how your bouquet is going to look during the ceremony and in photos. 
  • Ordering strongly-scented flowers- While the idea of a scene permeated with the perfume of aromatic flowers might seem romantic, don't go overboard. Flowers with a very strong scent could wreak havoc on your ceremony if one or more of the attendees suffers from allergies.

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