7 Tips For Visiting The Hair Salon

Posted on: 27 July 2016

Whether it is your first visit to a hair salon or you are a pro, it is important to be prepared for your visit. By understanding salon etiquette, you can help the stylist give you the results you desire. Before your visit to the hair salon, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Avoid weekend bookings. If this is your first time to the salon or you want to explore a new direction with your hair style, try to choose an appointment on a weekday. Weekend bookings are usually the busiest and do not allow enough time for a thorough consultation.
  2. Research a hair style. By the time you arrive at your appointment, you need to know what type of hair style you want. In fact, you should have a few options selected so that your stylist can help you determine which would work best for you.
  3. Do your errands on another day. There is no guarantee that the stylist will be able to complete your hair within the time that you have allotted. Instead of putting pressure on the stylist to finish in the time you have, try to arrange for errands to be completed by someone else or on another day.
  4. Focus on stylist loyalty. Going from salon to salon does not allow you the time needed to establish a relationship with a stylist. A relationship is important because the stylist becomes familiar with your hair and your wants. 
  5. Speak up. While the stylist is cutting, coloring, or styling your hair, watch him or her in the mirror. If you do not like the direction he or she is going, speak up. It is easier to make adjustments at that point than once the style is completed. 
  6. Take a picture of the finished style. Your stylist can work with dozens of clients between now and your next appointment. Remembering exactly which hairstyle you had is almost impossible. If you like the style and want it replicated, a picture can serve as a reminder. 
  7. Ask for tips to maintain the hair style. Between appointments, it is up to you to maintain your hair style and protect your hair. By knowing which products the stylist recommends, you can be sure your hair is getting the best treatment possible.

Consult with your hair stylist to learn other ways you can help him or her give you the results you want.