How To Remember Your Mother Across The Miles

Posted on: 3 March 2016

Do you realize how close Mother's Day is? May 8th is right around the corner. It's certainly not too soon to start planning a wonderful day for her, especially if you live miles away. From your phone call home to the perfect flowers, here are some ideas that might help you to plan something memorable for your mother.

The Phone Call - You surely know that your mother will be expecting to hear your voice, right? The phone call home might be the most important thing you do on Mother's Day! Except, this year, give it a different slant. When you call and you know your mother is on the other end of the line, instead of starting the call of with a greeting, start it with a special song. Perhaps there's a song your mom would sing to you at bedtime that you can now sing to her. Of course, if you're not comfortable singing, use a recording. If you don't have a song in mind, consider You'll Be In My Heart, You've Got A Friend In Me or Candle On The Water.

Flowery Delivery - You'll make your mother's day when you send her flowers. Personalize your floral gift to make it just for her. For example, if your mother collects tea cups, order an arrangement that includes a lovely porcelain teacup. If you think she'd be enchanted with a teddy bear, one holding flowers would be a lot of fun for your mother to receive. Is your mother a gardener? Request that her flower arrangement be placed in an actual watering can. Do you know which flowers are your mother's favorites? If so, be sure to include them in the arrangement. Remember that red roses represent love, so that would be a great choice. For something different, select tulips, daisies, or choose an arrangement that includes many different flowers. Contact a florist like Abbott Florist to learn more. 

The Message - Even if you call your mother and even if you send a card with your flowers, take the time to write your mother a love letter. Receiving words of appreciation never gets old. If you have had your differences, a letter is a great way to mend fences. One fun idea is to turn her name into a kind of message. For example, if her name is Mary, you would write the M initial with an adjective like marvelous, A might be angelic, R goes with righteous and Y is young-at-heart. You get the picture!

Make yourself a note to take care of all your Mother's Day plans and put it on the calendar.