Brace Face: How To Look Cool In Braces

Posted on: 9 January 2015

Having braces may make you feel self-conscious, but you don't have to be down just because you have metal on your teeth. You have to embrace your dental condition and learn how to create a unique style around it. Learn cool ways you can look great in braces, from the way you wear your makeup to how you smile in pictures, so you can feel at your best even as you straighten your teeth with the help of an orthodontist like John S. Zanoni, DDS. With the right tools, you can feel cool being a 'brace face'.

Style your hair to complement your mouth

You may want to wear your hair in your face so people can't see your braces when you smile, but letting your hair hide your features is actually what will draw people's eyes straight to your mouth. To ease your self-consciousness, pull your hair back but leave a few wispy pieces to drape your cheekbones. Another way you can use your hair to your advantage is to part your 'do on the side above either ear rather than straight down the middle. A side part breaks up the symmetry of your face, and therefore softens the overall look of your braces.

Use subtle lipsticks and gloss

For your lips, a light sheer gloss or a nude lipstick is all you need to really shine. Bold or matte lips give your mouth center stage, which is not something you want to do if your braces cause you discomfort. Stick to styles of lip gloss that complement your braces and help you feel amazing, including: 

  • shimmery apricot or peach tones
  • shiny nudes or nude lip stick with gloss overlay
  • sheer pink lip gloss

Put on your best smile for pictures 

Your biggest fear and concern with your braces may be how you'll look in pictures. You can wear a brilliant smile without making your braces the only thing people will notice by:

  • tilting your head to the side for a closed-lipped smile
  • looking down at the camera instead of a head-on picture
  • proudly displaying a full smile with your head cocked

When you smile, try not to think of your braces, and instead think of your pretty eyes, your freckles, your hairstyle, or any other feature that you enjoy. This will help make your smile more natural, and allow you to enjoy the way you look in pictures.

Wearing braces doesn't mean that you have to feel like a total nerdy 'brace face'. Embrace your braces and learn how to look cool in them by using these stylish tips. You can feel and look amazing no matter how long you have to wear braces, and can appreciate your efforts to make your smile straighter that much more.